Welcome to the LAB Lab

Posted in Ramblings on July 11, 2022 by Nathan Ziehnert ‐ 2 min read

Welcome to the LAB Lab

I’m By No Means a Master

At least not yet. I’m beginning my journey into brewing low/non-alcohol beer because I like a challenge. Frankly, most everything I’ve tasted thus far (including the “premium” brands) just isn’t that great. I am building out this site as a collection of processes, recipes, and tools that I and the community have used to brew good low alcohol beer. Beer that doesn’t taste like water and hops. Beer that doesn’t have a thin mouthfeel when you were expecting thickness.

The Problem is Scale

There exists plenty of equipment on the market to dealcholize beer and to quickly determine the exact ABV of your finished beer. The problem? It’s all extremely expensive, or even if you could get your hands on some of the parts (a dealcoholization membrane, for example) requires more finished product than we could store in our kegerators. Dealcoholization just doesn’t scale down well.

The Other Problem is Knowledge

Let’s be honest. Most homebrewers aren’t chomping at the bit to make a sub-1% ABV beer. While there are many encyclopedias full of information on the web (good and not so good) on brewing regular beer, there aren’t too many guides on brewing low ABV beers. And what exists (other than a few select contents) is just not as deep as we need it to be. So let’s join together, strike up a conversation, test some shit, and see where our collective knowledge takes us.

Join Up!

I can only brew and consume so much beer. This blog is open sourced on GitHub and anyone can contribute. If you don’t have the slightest clue where to start, you can always just post an issue on the Repo. If that is still too daunting - drop us a message in the Contact page and we’ll make sure that you can share your knowledge with the world.